Masseuse / Masseur (Therapist) Non Dutch Citizen within EU



QoQo Massage is looking for enthusiastics, hospitable and dedicated masseuse / masseur with the interest and love for wellness and massages. Within QoQo Massage you have the chance to develop your interest for Chinese Traditional Massage techniques by our internal training program where you in time can turn into an experienced technical masseuse / masseur. You will be able to relieve people from pain or stress and send someone home with a sense of pain relieve and a smile. Above that by helping others you will also feel a sense of gratification within yourselfe.

Our Organisation   

As a professional Wellness Center, QoQo Massage combines traditional Chinese therapies with the modern Western concept of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Our professional team not only helps improve the physical condition of our visitors, but also their mental state. In addition to the wellness techniques Tuina and Shiatsu, QoQo massage also offers several other types of massage, such as sports massage. QoQo Massage consists of several locations spread throughout the Netherlands, after a successful start.



We are looking for dedicated, hardworking, customer-friendly colleagues who value in delivering quality. 

  • Do you have a passion for wellness?
  • Do you work with people and have good communication skills? And are you a real team player?
  • Therapist background will be an advantage or related massage certificates
  • Start level after training, depends on your educational background
  • Passion for wellness
  • Team player
  • Representative 
  • flexible
  • willing to develop
  • adequate knowledge of English

We seek immediate enthusiastic, energetic masseurs / masseuses to strengthen our teams.

With or without experience.



We offer

  • training followed by contract, which depends on your educational background

Are you interested and want to strengthen our team?


How to apply? 

We would like to receive a CV, Skype ID, application letter and recent photo


Voornaam/First name
Achternaam/Sure name
Woonplaats/Place of residence
Geboortedatum/Date of birth
Geslacht/Gender Man     Vrouw
Telefoon/Phone number
Mobiel/Mobile phone
Rijbewijs/Driving license Ja     Nee
Zo ja, welke categorieën/If so, which categories
Eigen auto/Own car Ja     Nee

Wat is voor jou de maximaal acceptabele reistijd?
What is your maximum travel time?

Heb je bezwaar tegen avond / nacht / weekenddiensten?
Do you have an objection to evening / night / weekend services? 
  Ja     Nee
Zo ja, waarom?/If so, why? 
Heb je lichaamsgebreken en/of afwijkingen die je kunnen beperken in de werkuitvoering?
Do you have body defects and / or abnormalities that you can limit in work performance?
  Ja     Nee

Zo ja, waaruit bestaan deze en in welke mate kunnen deze je beperken in de werkuitvoering?
If so, what are these and to what extent can they limit you in the execution of the work?


Aanvullende vragen/Additional questions

Ben je naast de vacature waar je op reageert ook beschikbaar voor andere werkzaamheden via QoQo Massage?
Are you in addition to the vacancy that you respond to, also available for other work through QoQo Massage?
    Ja   Nee

In welke regio(‘s) wil je werken? (NB: meerdere antwoorden mogelijk)
In what region (s) do you want to work? (NB: Multiple answers possible)

Drenthe Limburg Zeeland
Flevoland Noord-Brabant Zuid-Holland
Friesland Noord-Holland Randstad
Gelderland Overijssel Heel Nederland
Groningen Utrecht  


Upload je recente CV/Upload your recent CV
(NB: je CV moet uit maximaal 2 A4-pagina’s bestaan)
NB: Your CV must consist of up to 2 A4 pages)
Upload je recente pasfoto/Upload your recent pasport photo
(NB: dit dient een officiële pasfoto te zijn in kleur met een minimale grootte van 100 pixels)
(NB: This must be an official passport photograph in color with a minimum size of 100 pixels)
Upload een recent certificaat/Upload a recent certificate
(NB: Het liefst een scan maar het kan ook een foto zijn)
(NB: Preferably a scan but it can also be a picture)
(Je kunt alleen PDF, Word en Excel bestanden bestanden uploaden en .JPG, .PNG, .GIF of .BMP)/ (You can only upload PDF, Word and Excel files files and .JPG, .PNG, .GIF or .BMP)

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